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Use of Force Training for the Armed Professional

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  1. Awareness, Alertness & Observation Techniques

  2. Communication Skills

  3. Physical Dexterity & Agility

  4. Ambidextrous Gunhandling

  5. Balanced Tactical Movement

  6. Single & Multiple Threat Defensive Responses

  7. Shooting on the Move

  8. Team Tactics (Driver & Passengers)

  9. Emergency Deployment

  10. 360 Degree Combative Marksmanship

Realistic AVOPS Applications

  • Vehicle Surveillance

  • Protective Motorcades

  • Attempted Kidnapping

  • High Risk Response Arrival

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Words of Wisdom

"This is the law:
There is no possible victory in defense,
The sword is more important than the shield,
And skill is more important than either,
The final weapon is the brain.
All else is supplemental."

John Steinbeck 

The Required Student Prerequisites

This course is an advanced application of use of force skills and concepts that are designed for well-experienced armed operators who may be involved with mobile assignments. These armed professionals must have the capability of performing safely with firearms. All students are required to be free of any physical disabilities that would have negative influence on the dynamic deployment and rapid response to an armed adversary. This course is a focused no-nonsense approach, for experienced members of the armed community, which provides solutions for realistic contemporary problems in a hostile setting. 

  • Car Jacking

  • VIP Transport

  • Armed Road Rage

  • Mobile SWAT Escorts

  • Hazardous Convoys

  • Mission Impossible3:27

Ten Study Components of AVOPS

​     Armed vehicle operations

Use of Force training for the Armed Professional

The AVOPS Course Objectives 

  • High Risk Patrol Scenarios

  • Vehicle Barricaded Suspects

  • Road Block Response

  • High Power Prisoner Transport

Safety with Firearms in an Emergency Situation

Efficient Manipulation of Firearms while Exposed to Stress 

Effective Marksmanship Skills in a Close Quarter Environment

Rapid & Safe Defensive Deployment from a Vehicle 

Tactical Decision Making to Defeat Armed Adversaries 

The Exercise of Individual & Team Tactics 

Communication Skills, Signals & Discretionary Engagement 

The Development of Emergency Planning & Strategies while Mobile 

The Selection and Use of Mission Orientated Equipment 

Immediate Recognition of Deadly Threats in a Vehicle Environment 

Mission Statement

To successfully immerse armed professionals in the AVOPS discipline in order to provide defensive solutions, on demand, to safely and lawfully WIN a deadly threat encounter in a dynamic and/or static vehicle envirornment. 


Necessity is the mother of invention and such was the fate for the creation of AVOPS. A fighting solution addressing the confines an armed operator experiences while in a vehicle, either at rest or mobile, was way past overdue. During the late 1980's this deadly use of force system was developed by the author and subsequently has gained in popularity with the threat of terrorism in our lives. Since those early days approximately 3,000 armed professionals from around the globe have been trained. Many of those operators have reported field successes while postured in high-risk areas throughout the world.  


During the pursuit of our daily lives and vocations, whether assigned to police investigative duties, uniform patrol, armed motorcades, executive protection, SWAT, private security or military tactical units, we find ourselves spending a fair amount of time occupied in a vehicle and/or approaching or being approached by potential threats that are also in vehicles. The potential for a gunfight surrounding this environment, although probably rare, is always present on that stake-out, investigation of a high risk vehicle stop, protective motorcade, military convoy or performing the extraction, search and /or arrest process of those in motor vehicles. Clearly, it would be wise to have lawful and safe solutions in place to address these lethal problems when necessary.   

   This dynamic course of instruction is designed to provide the armed professional of the police, military or security community with the skills, tactics and techniques necessary to effectively deal with those issues, and if necessary, fight and win with a firearm. This training thoroughly addresses the requirement to be able to realistically function and respond with necessary force while either postured in a vehicle or approaching dangerous threats in this environment.

   AVOPS is a training school, which is approximately 16 hours in length over a two-day period. The student receives five hours of classroom instruction that incorporates tactics, equipment selection, safety in the operational setting, armed defensive responses, emergency deployment, vehicle positioning, containment and isolation. The range segment is dedicated to the live-fire engagement of simulated single and multiple adversaries while the student is situated lawfully in both the aggressive and defensive environments.

   There is an extensive use of props for the student to utilize in order to rehearse and prepare for an armed encounter of this persuasion. Extensive efforts are made to place the student in a real-world operational climate, which is as authentic as possible, while we are constantly maintaining a wide margin of safety. Each phase places the student in a variety of vehicle-op scenarios, against a perceived armed human adversary, so that he/she may effectively utilize all the tactics and techniques previously learned.


Upon completion of the training, the student is thoroughly prepared to safely, efficiently, and effectively utilize lawful deadly force in this dangerous setting. An official training certificate is issued at the successful conclusion of the course to provide documentation of the student's attendance to this unique use of force seminar.

To Participate

There are approximately twelve AVOPS training seminars held around the world each calendar year that are taught exclusively by the author. Typically one may find both open and closed classes hosted by police, military and security forces as well as licensed international private sector training corporations. These organizations have the responsibility to insure that the students attending satisfy a suitable security clearance examination. 

   All AVOPS training is held as confidential and depending on the host and location, may be classified. For additional information concerning a future training date and/or location please respond to the "Contact Us" page of this website for inquiry.  

Legal Notice

Please be advised that any and all written material, illustrations, graphs, photos, videos, audio, etc. resulting from the construction and teaching application of the AVOPS program is the intellectual property of the author. As such, that property is protected by a Copyright issued by the U.S. Library of Congress. It is the intent and right of the author to hold any and all violators accountable in a court of law for any Copyright infringements and/or intellectual theft.